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Summary of Day 1 at Nations Cup U12 SWE-FIN 
After the first day of NATIONS CUP U12 SWEDEN vs. FINLAND at Ritorp Arenas in Solna, Stockholm we summarize an intensive day.
The Teams that arrived in Solna at AIK:s home Arenas at Ritorp was looking forward to an exciting hockeyweekend.
AIK met Ilves Yellow in the first game and Ilves won the first game.
Wings HC met then in the second game Hunters Blue from Borgå-FIN.
After the final whistle, Wings won the game.
Then the result was 1-1 in the Nation Cup competition.
In the third game Ilves Black met and won with 7-1 against Mora.
The game #4 of the day was played between Flemingsberg and Hunters Blue.
Flemingsberg won by 4-0 in a really rough game.
In the last game between Fagersta and JHT the finnish team won a thrilling game with 1-3.
After the "Hesa Fredrik" sounded the end of the game, it was really fantastic to hear the Finnish Team sing the Finlands National Anthem all the way to the locker room.
It has been really great to see the players and teams enthusiasm and joy to the game of hockey during the first day!
We are looking forward to a thrilling day 2 of the Nations Cup U12.
see you all tomorrow morning.
Keep up the great work!

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# Namn TP 
1 Alexander Holtz 160 
2 Alex Holmberg 122 
3 Dennis Värmhed 117 
3 Samuel Lindecrantz 117 
5 Richard Jägermyr 101 
5 Albin Grewe 101 
7 Hampus Larsson 100 
8 William Ignberg Nilsson 92 
9 Albin Lingebrand 87 
10 Oscar Sjölander 86 
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